• Rhinocéros de F.X. Lalanne
    Vendu 48 100 €
  • Isidore PATROIS (1815-1884). 
    Scène de liesse à côté de l'isba, 1882. 

    Vendu 45 890 €
  • La rivière enchantée. Il. Foujita. 

    Vendu 106 640 €. 
    Record mondial
  • Ivan Pokhitonov. Chasse sous la neige.

    Vendu 189 000 €
  • Niki de Saint Phalle. Tir avion 1961. 

    Vendu 205 000 €
  • Robert Combas : « fouetteur, mateur et fouetté »

    8 550 €

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Focus on

Lot N° 131

In its original case of the AUGER house, jeweller place des Victoires, Paris, stamped with a Comtale crown, in brown leather, square shape, bearing the initials H K.

Jewel with transformations:



Brooch for the central motif composed of the three most important diamonds

Bracelet line of diamonds

A metal system is arranged in the lower part of the case including a tiara mount and two clips to fix the system on the hair.

The setting of this jewel is constituted of silver 980 thousandths and yellow gold 750 thousandths (18 carats).

Total length : 37 cm

Total gross weight: 54,9 g

It carries on one of the parts the punch of Master of the house Auger two A in a rhombus with in the center a square in which one can see a star.

This mark corresponds to that of Alphonse Auger (1837-1904), jeweller.

This transformable jewel can be dated between 1870 and 1880, it is a typical French work of jewellery of its time, with palmettes decoration.

Very good condition, no missing or broken stone. The setting has no deformation or wear.


Composed of a central design with palmettes decoration and a line of diamonds on the upper part.

The diamonds are old cuts for the most important ones as well as rose cut diamonds. Ending with a ratchet clasp, the necklace is fully articulated.


In the center a pattern stands out, thanks to a hook system, and can be worn as a brooch, with a suitable setting featuring a pin and two diamonds at the ends.

Gross weight with the brooch system: 14.3 g, length: 3.5 cm, no visible hallmark or guarantee.

The setting is made of yellow gold and silver, the diamonds are old cut for the most important and 15 rose cut diamonds for the pavement.

The three most important diamonds in this part are about 0, 60 carats for the one in the center and for the two in the shoulder 0,50 carats each.


Comprising the main design of palmettes set with diamonds.

The setting is in yellow gold and silver, paved with old and rose-cut diamonds.

The eight largest diamonds are approximately


Composed of a line of 43 rose-cut diamonds in silver setting, fully articulated, ratchet clasp, length: 17 cm, gross weight: 11.49 g.

Precisions: about 13 carats total; Colour presumed H/I; Clarity VS

Provenance: Family from the Lyon region, kept by descent

Estimation : 17 000 EUR - 20 000 EUR
Result : 24 414 EUR

Lot N° 1

Jacques PONCET (1921-2012).

Lyon, la Croix-Rousse. 2000 (Series Lyon)

Acrylic on canvas signed and dated upper left.

80x80 cm

The painter Jacques Poncet (1921-2012) who -at the beginning of his career, had been discovered by Picasso's famous Parisian gallery owner, Pierre Loeb- exhibited in Lyon at the gallery L'Oeil Ecoute, with his friend Georges Romathier (1927-2017) and later at Alice Chartier's, with Francois-Xavier Fagniez (1936) -disciple of Bazaine and Bonnard- before finishing at Paul Gauzit's. Jacques Poncet was initially a cubist, but he left the genre very early on, to find his own style, which would focus on figuration and colourful luxuriance, drawn from the life he exalts. The large paintings, mainly devoted to landscapes, which surround him, are created around chosen themes. From his studio in La Croix-Rousse, the "roofs of the city" in grey weather or full sun, then the "views of Lyon", (he lived in a building overlooking the city). On the Rhone side, it was the pale lights of the rising sun, and on the west side, the reds of the setting sun. In the summer, his landscape changed with the big trees of the Landes forests and especially the beaches where lascivious bathers would sunbathe, before plunging into the rolls of the excessive waves. But, the studio work attracted Jacques Poncet, especially in moments of solitude, when the painter was in dialogue with his palette, in the corner of a window flooding the inspiration with his most beautiful effects... Poncet is a generous and emphatic artist who seduced Paul Dini when the latter acquired four large formats for the Municipal Museum, which bears his name in Villefranche-sur-Saône.... BG

Estimation : 100 EUR - 300 EUR
Result : 501 EUR