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mardi 15 décembre 2020 14:00
Lyon, 2-4, rue Saint-Firmin 69008 Lyon
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Fashion & Luxury Goods : Designer clothes, bags, shoes
Jewellery - Fashion jewellery

>Consultant : Martine Nougarède

Particular conditions :
Sales costs are 25.2% incl. VAT in voluntary (Live d'Interenchères + 3.6% incl. VAT / Drouot Live + 2.16% incl. VAT)

In order not to contribute to the propagation of the Covid-19 virus, new safety and health prevention measures will be put in place by Artenchères to ensure the safety and health of its customers and employees.
The barrier gestures and the rules of physical distancing will be scrupulously respected within our establishment.
We ask our customers to be kind enough to wear a mask. Hydroalcoholic gel will be made available at the entrance of the sales room.
In order to facilitate the control of the number of people present in the room, a reservation system has been set up so that you can visit our exhibition but also physically attend the sale.
The number of people in the room during the exhibitions will be limited to 10 people, and for sales to 20 people.On reservation, it will be possible to benefit from a 30-minute slot to visit the exhibition.
This reservation is mandatory and necessary in order to allow us to limit the number of people in the room. A maximum of ten people will be allowed in each slot.
Given the particular situation we are experiencing and the organisational difficulties we may encounter, the presentation of the room will be slightly modified: we have chosen to give priority to people's health over the aesthetics of the exhibition. We apologize to our kind clientele for this.
> Sales
Access to the sales room will also be limited to 20 people, upon reservation.
We will implement all the recommended measures in order to be able to respect and enforce the physical distance of one mettre between each person (4m2). The chairs will be spaced apart, away from other customers but also from the study staff.
For indoor payments, it will be necessary to respect these same measures of physical distance, between customers but also with respect to the study staff.
In accordance with our new sales conditions, and for obvious health security reasons, only credit card payments will be accepted at the grandstand.At the time of this registration, a copy of an identity card and bank access code will be requested. This condition of prior registration on Interenchères is essential since otherwise you will have NO ACCESS to the sale, and the staff of the office will not be able to do anything about it.
The delivery of the purchases
The delivery of the objects will be done only on appointment (by mail or telephone).
Our Sales House will not ensure any more the requests of forwarding by the Post office (delivery time too random and important litigation: theft, loss, breakage).
Our independent provider Mail Boxes Etc is operational and is at your disposal for any estimate of forwarding:
You have the possibility of working with the conveyor of your choice. Thank you then to let us know in advance his name, date of collection on RV and to inform him of the modalities of delivery.

Terms of payment :
Sales conditions